General Questions

FAST Potomac Yard is a group led by Potomac Yard land developers working to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips to Potomac Yard while improving the efficiency of the area’s transportation infrastructure. FAST provides sustainable transportation services and benefits to employees, residents and visitors of Potomac Yard in order to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips onsite, improve the efficiency and capacity of the transportation infrastructure of Potomac Yard, and encourage a community that is desirable for people to live, work and play.
The FAST Transit Subsidy program is just one of the many unique programs offered by FAST. The Metroway Bus is the bus route that circles the Arlington Potomac Yard area with pick ups and drop offs at Camden/Eclipse, EPA, Crystal City VRE Station, Crystal City shopping district, Crystal City Metro station, and Renaissance/Residence Inn – Arlington Capital View. Other bus routes are also available from Arlington Potomac Yard – click here for more details. Your FAST Transit Subsidy will work on MetroBus and MetroRail.

FAST offers a $50 monthly subsidy to qualifying residents and employees of Potomac Yard who ride MetroBus or MetroRail to and from work. This subsidy is automatically loaded onto your SmarTrip card. During the FAST online registration process, you will be asked to provide the serial number located on the back of your SmarTrip card. If you don’t have a SmarTrip card and are a new registration with FAST, we can provide you with a SmarTrip card.

Transit Subsidy Questions

There are two steps involved in signing up for the Transit Subsidy Program.

No paper registrations are accepted. You must complete the registration process online.

Step 1: In order to sign up for the FAST Transit Subsidy Program, you first need to become a member by creating a FAST profile on During the registration process, you will be asked to select the FAST Transit Subsidy Program. Once you are member, you will be eligible to sign up for the Transit Subsidy by following the links found in the Members Area of your FAST profile.

Step 2: Now that you are a member of FAST Potomac Yard, you will need to complete the Transit Subsidy Registration form. This form is found in the Members Area from your FAST profile. Complete and submit the Fare Incentive Registration Form. By submitting the form, you agree to the Agreement and Waiver of Liability and will be prompted to print out the FAST Transit Subsidy Verification Form. The printed Transit Subsidy Verification Form then needs to be signed and verified before being submitted to FAST for review.
Please contact FAST Potomac Yard prior to filling out the online registration form.
You can check the status of your FAST Transit Subsidy application by logging into your FAST profile and checking your personal profile for the status. If you see the word, “Approved,” you’re done. If you see the words “In Review,” it means we received your Transit Subsidy Registration Verification Form and are reviewing your information. We have a new feature where you can check on the receipt of your Transit Subsidy Registration Verification Form by logging into your FAST profile.

You can check back at a later time to see if the status changes from “In Review” to “Approved.” Just make sure you check your personal profile to see when your subsidy will begin.
The FAST Transit Subsidy registration is processed for a six-month period (depending on your eligibility). You do not need to complete a new registration form each month. Once you approach the end of the six-month period, FAST will attempt to send you a reminder email for you to Renew your FAST Transit Subsidy. In order to renew, you will need to log into your FAST profile and complete the steps to renew your FAST Transit Subsidy. After you complete the renewal form, the subsidy will be processed for another six months (depending on your eligibility). Therefore, you will only need to complete the Transit Subsidy registration process twice within a 12-month period.
Yes! You can recycle these funds by contacting FAST prior to the date that you will be out of town. FAST will put a temporary suspension on your account to prevent your account from being deactivated. We will also send you a super nice gift as a token of our appreciated for recycling your unused subsidy funds.
In order to switch subsidy programs, your current Transit Subsidy must be up for renewal or have already expired. If you are in the middle of your six-month period, you will need to wait to switch programs until your Transit Subsidy has expired. If you believe you fit this criteria, please click here to be redirected to the Contact Us portion of the website to submit your request. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify, please go to your profile page to check the expiration date of your Transit Subsidy.

Deadlines for Transit Subsidy

Subsidy Period Deadline

January - August December 7

February - July January 7

March - August February 7

April - September March 7

May - October April 7

June - November May 7

July - December June 7

August - January July 7

September - February August 7

October - March September 7

November - April October 7

December - May November 7

SmarTrip Questions

FAST can easily transfer your subsidy to a new card. In the event that your need to transfer your subsidy, you must contact FAST. We can transfer any unclaimed, active subsidy funds from one card to another. Contact FAST here.
To register your SmarTrip card online, you'll need to create a SmarTrip account. You can also register your SmarTrip card by calling the customer service number found on the backside of the card.

Registering your SmarTrip Card is very important! Please make sure you properly register your SmarTrip Card with WMATA. FAST is not able to complete this step for you and your subsidy will not load if your SmarTrip card is not registered.
Lost, damaged, or stolen SmarTrip cards must be reported to WMATA. In most cases, FAST is able to reassign the Transit Subsidy funds to a new card. Replacement SmarTrip cards will need to be purchased through WMATA. Cards may be purchased online or at a retail outlet stores. For more information on purchasing SmarTrip cards, click here. You will need to contact WMATA customer service for all other balance inquiries or transfers by calling 202-637-7000.
If approved, your Transit Subsidy funds will automatically load onto your SmarTrip card on the first day of month. This assumes, however, that you already completed the following:

  • - You registered your SmarTrip card with at least 15 days before your subsidy begins on the 1st.

  • - You used your SmarTrip card at least one time in the last two weeks leading up to your subsidy beginning on the 1st. This primes your card to accept the subsidy. If you do not complete this step, your subsidy will not be available on the 1st.

  • - Your SmarTrip card that you are using for FAST Potomac Yard benefits only has FAST Potomac Yard benefits assigned to it. If you assign more than one benefit (for instance, a benefit you receive from your employer) to any one SmarTrip card, it will erase both benefits.

  • - You do not owe any money (i.e. negative funds showing on your card) to Metro.

At the beginning of each month, just present your registered SmarTrip card to a bus farebox or rail target to pay your fare/fee as you normally would and your monthly benefits will be activated. This is referred to as Autoload – you must have the card properly registered with WMATA in order for the Transit Subsidy to load properly. (See “How do I register my SmarTrip Card?”)

Other Questions

Currently you can use your subsidy anywhere the SmarTrip card is accepted:

- MetroBus and MetroRail
- Loudoun County Transit
- ART – Arlington County
- DASH – Alexandria
- Ride On – Montgomery County
- DC Circular
- CUE - Fairfax City
- Fairfax Connector

The Metroway runs through Potomac Yard in route to the Crystal City Metro. There are two bus stops conveniently located in Potomac Yard to service the EPA headquarters, the Camden Apartment complex and the Eclipse Condominiums.